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PLEASE READ: An inquiry into a particular cake and/or delivery date via phone, email, or in person does not constitute a guaranteed spot on our calendar.  The ONLY way to guarantee a spot is to pay a deposit/payment.  We cannot hold a date without a deposit in hand.  Even if you have met with us, signed a contract, called or emailed to discuss details - the date is still available until we have the deposit in hand. 

How far in advance should I order my cake or cake pops?

There is no way to say which dates will book up first.  Each cake we make is baked fresh and custom decorated, so we are limited in what we can do each week.  If a particular cake order is very large and detailed, then it may be the only order we will be able to handle that week. Please just contact us to verify an order date to make sure we have availability open.

Assuming we have availability, for your date, we request at least 3-5 full days for all standard cake pops and/or chocolate strawberries shown on our website. If you are requesting shipping, please allow additional time for transit. We are a custom order business and do not keep any of our items "in stock."  This provides our customers with the best, freshest items possible.  Because of this we require at least 3-5 business days to complete an order plus shipping.  This is subject to change depending on our current availability.   We request at least one week (7 full days) prior to your event for all dessert, cupcakes, sheet cakes and 8" 2 layer round cake orders that are custom or basic.  We can make a cake in as few as 3 days provided our schedule permits, but we do charge a $25 minimum expedited fee. We generally book very quickly so plan ahead! For wedding cakes or large events (100 servings or more) it is advised to order at least 6 months in advance. Wedding cakes take a lot of time, planning and coordinating so the earlier you order, the better service we can provide.  

How do I reserve my date?

By leaving a $75 non-refundable Save the Date deposit.  We cannot hold a date without a deposit in hand.  Even if you have met with us, signed a contract with us, or called to say the check is in the mail, the date is still available until we have the deposit "in hand."


Why is the deposit non-refundable?

Once we receive your deposit, we will turn down other orders for that spot.  Our cakes are not mass-produced, so we must limit what we do to provide maximum quality to our customers.


Wedding & Custom Cakes - start at $4/serving and vary depending on design and flavor

Cupcakes - start at $35/dozen and vary depending on design and flavor

Save the Date Deposit - $75 non refundable deposit, holds your spot for a particular date & comes off the cost of your cake/order



We are inviting 150 people how much cake should I order?

Because one can never really say how many attendees will eat cake it is always best to err on the side of more than less. You want to make sure that everyone who wants cake can receive a piece, and you never know if your guest list might all actually want a piece of cake. It is very upsetting to a wedding guest who wants a piece of cake but cannot get any because the coordinator didnt order enough. And believe it or not many will want seconds or even thirds! Take into consideration whether or not you want to serve the top tier or save it for the first anniversary. Take into consideration how much free booze will be available, people who are drinking generally won't eat cake, so if you have an open bar and your guests tend to be big drinkers you can probably get away with a little less cake, but there again, some will want to take a slice home with them. 

Can I pay for my order when I pick it up or you deliver it? 

No. All orders, because they are custom, must be paid in full, prior to pick up or delivery. Please plan your budget to accommodate our payment policy.


Why are your cakes priced higher than Walmart or other corporate bakeries?

The answer is simple...We are not Walmart. We make everything by hand, and since we bake right before we deliver, our products are ALWAYS fresh. Walmart and other corporate bakeries sell cakes that are pre-baked prior to the store receiving it. We bake everything fresh, using only premium ingredients. They purchase pre-made icing in buckets. Our icings are all made by hand from scratch. Walmart can purchase in large quantities allowing them to command a price from their wholesalers that is pennies on the dollar. We pay for retail for premium ingredients which is evident in our quality, both in taste and presentation. Walmart limits your design choice to what is in their book of cakes. We can do everything that is in "the book", and any custom design above and beyond anything they have to offer. Walmart cannot make and does not offer 3d designed or fondant cakes. We do! Walmart decorators must comply with their production lists of case cakes and speed is everything... look and taste really don't matter. We never "just get it done so the cake is ready when the customer wants it". Walmart may sell 50 custom cakes in one day. Because we limit the amount of orders we accept for any given event day, your order gets our full attention to detail. 


Do you offer delivery?


We offer free delivery inside the Lawrence city limits for orders over $75.  We also pffer delivery outside of Lawrence - the skies the limit - however, there is a small delivery fee based on your location.

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